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Anybody any experience of Dumaguete?

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#1 mulphy

Posted 22 July 2008 - 03:17 PM

Who you all doing, I'm a 46 year old Scotsman, who has lived in Pattaya, Thailand for the last 6 years, I own a bar there and own a forum similar to this one.

I have done a fair bit of travel in Southeast Asia, but as far as the Philippines goes I have only been in manilla and Angeles city 3 or 4 times.

I have a friend who is going to visit an old friend of his who has recently moved to Dumageute and I'm considering going with him but am finding it quite hard to get much information on it from the net and hoped some of you guys might have some experience of Dumaguete to share .

Would like to know if there is much night life. any good hotels. Is there a bar scene and did you enjoy it while you were there.

Thanks in advance .

#2 Nate

Posted 22 July 2008 - 03:41 PM

Hey there-

Of course Dumaguete  is a much smaller city than Manila or even Cebu, but I think that Dumaguete and Davao are the best cities in the Philippines. It is well run as far as Philippines cities go- a nice location and friendly people. Yes there is a night life, just smaller scale of course. I am not staying at a hotel when I go there, so I cannot personally rate the hotels, but can ask around if you are intent on going. I cannot rate the night life much- I have been happily married now for 7 years, and no longer in the habit so to speak...by the way, it has one of the best universities in the Philippines there- the American University of the Philippines is there- no longer run by Yanks, but they have kept up its reputation just the same.


#3 mulphy

Posted 22 July 2008 - 04:16 PM

Hi nate ,
Thanks for the reply , I am most probably going to go to Dumaguete in about a weeks time, and probably stay for around a week though may travel back to manilla or Angeles city quicker if I find Dumaguete boring.

All I need to enjoy myself is a decent room, some cold beer and some female company and if all 3 are available I'll be perfectly happy.

If there is a nightlife to be found, in which area of town is it as I suppose I'll want my hotel quite near an area were its easy to get some food and drinks without any problems.

Thanks again.

#4 sceadugenga

Posted 22 July 2008 - 11:57 PM

Hi Mulphy, there were no bars as such inside the city limits when I was there. I did manage to find two outside, one of which was appropriately called "City Limits". They were similar to gogo bars but I found the girls eager to drink your drink but reluctant to leave.

Most of the other action is along the Esplanade where there a number of restaurants and drinking bars.  The expat community gathers here and there is good food available and cheap drinks. To the left, facing the sea, of the ferry terminal is a large open air restaurant where freelancers reputedly gather every night. The night I was there it was quiet but I was approached by several male pimps which is not really my scene.

Like all university towns in the PI rumors abound that the college girls supplement their incomes by doing a little freelancing. Once again I personally saw no evidence of this but every evening hundreds  of young women, most of whom I assume are students, come down to the Esplanade and walk with their friends. They all seem friendly so if you fancied playing the dating game there would be pickings there.

The ferry to Cebu City only takes several hours and there is all the night life you can handle there. The center of the city is packed with freelancers every night and there are many bars of varying quality.

#5 mulphy

Posted 23 July 2008 - 02:16 AM

Thanks for the input .

#6 PatMcTap

Posted 31 August 2008 - 03:29 AM

Here's a web site that I was given when I asked after information on Dumaguete:


The 'nightlife' section seems tame, especially compared to AC, Manila, or Cebu.

However, the place seems just plain nice.


#7 Coyotes

Posted 01 May 2009 - 04:04 AM

Hi all, new on the site and only came via a search for my website, but after reading i had to reply, Dumaguete is a lovely city, but sadly going a bit wrong as it gets bigger, like most places around the world IMO.

I've lived here for nearly a year now, having visited the place twice b4, with my then pinoy girlfriend. after selling up in the UK, i moved here and started a bar, i wish i could say it's been an easy transition, but sadly it hasn't.

quick run down, i met and then married my gf, then she started to go out, then i found out she had a long standing pinoy bf, she tried to have me deported so they could both take over and run my bar, that failed and i'm now back running it, i was really bitter at the time, but okísh now.

but anyone comming here should be aware that it may happen to you, i was totally duped, the whole family was in on it!! have anything you buy, that you can, put in your own name!! she actually bought everything with my money, but had her name put on the receipt, cos you can buy stuff cheaper here if your a local, foreigners are charged extra, that's to be expected, just be careful.

she had me charged with theft and jailed over night using the receipts as here evidence that she owned it all, she failed in court as they didn't believe she could afford to buy the stuff, thank god!!

My bars re-opened now, and i'm moving on with my life, the ex-pat community is very good here and tend to drink on the Boulavard, my bar is slightly out of the city so less busy.

many of the bar owners socialise together frequently and on the whole are nice people, there is however alot of fall outs, but nothing too bad
Many here have long and happy relationships, the people as a whole are really genuine and nice.

as for the dumaguete website.... hummmm this site is moderated and VERY biased towards people that pay for advertising, so while being an excellent site for information not EVERYTHING is published and if you want to inform, that isn't the forum to do it on.

#8 lqsi12

Posted 26 February 2012 - 09:34 PM

hello Coyotes are you still living and doing business in Dumaguete ?  I have visited the area several times lately, and curious how you feel now about the city, or area.  Hope your situation has improved, from your post here. seems like sometimes nice guys finish last, hope she went to ..... ?  if you know of any other sites that expats blog about Dumaguete I would like to hear about them, I am on dumaguete info site already,  Btw if your still in Dumaguete, please let me know of your business, I would be glad to visit and spend some US dollars with you, the next time I travel there.

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