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Hong Kong Girl Dies of Ketamine Overdose - Darwin Award?

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#1 กำนัน

Posted 25 August 2009 - 05:00 PM

The following video is of a Hong Kong girl snorting a very long line of Ketamine somewhere in China in a 'contest'. I've not posted the video here but you can view it on the following link (make sure the kids aren't around)...

It's reported she was dead a short time later...

I'm posting the story here because I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the death sentence for traffickers and pushers vs the duty of care for oneself. I don't think this young girl deserved to die for the folly of youth... but I can't help thinking she had it coming. She seemed sober enough to be aware of what she was doing...

#2 Guest_Cornfed_*

Posted 26 August 2009 - 01:19 AM

I don't get the feeling that liquor store owners deserve the death penalty when someone dies of alcoholic poisoning or chokes in their own vomit, and this is really no different. Sure, most people don't deserve to die because of youthful follow, but it is just part of life. Bad luck, these things happen. BTW, is special K even illegal in most of Asia? It was all the rage in Cambodia a few years ago, and most expats seemed to think it was legal.

#3 kamikaze

Posted 26 August 2009 - 02:54 AM

View PostMandrunk, on 25 August 2009 - 05:00 PM, said:

I'm posting the story here because I'm interested to hear your thoughts on the death sentence for traffickers and pushers vs the duty of care for oneself. I don't think this young girl deserved to die for the folly of youth... but I can't help thinking she had it coming. She seemed sober enough to be aware of what she was doing...
The cynical would say we're better off without her in the gene pool, but I wonder what kind of parenting she had? Apart from the fact that teenagers think they are immortal, I wonder why she felt she had to out-snort her friends? She didn't deserve to die but whoever organized this dangerous contest deserves a jail sentence.

#4 Javel

Posted 26 August 2009 - 03:11 AM

Very big question MD,

You could apportion blame all the way from the producer down to the snorter and there would be a case of blame for everyone down the line..(no bad pun intended). So my thoughts down the chain:

Producer: Well in the case of Ketamine, it’s made for many legitimate reasons, human and animal. It is even on the WHO minimum basic list for medical facilities so really no blame can be apportioned here apart from them ensuring it only gets in the right hands...i.e. Vets and Docs. This is difficult however as in many countries it can be brought over the counter and trafficked over borders etc. No blame really.

Mr Big: The guy who buys 100kg of the stuff and arranges distribution. Some blame will definitely flow his way but his defense would be that if his punters snorted it as they should then you’re more likely to die in a car crash.....and he would have a fair point here. Go drink 15 pints of water like Leah Betts (http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Leah_Betts) or Anna Wood (http://en.wikipedia....ood_(schoolgirl)and we would start having to give water out on prescription. Crush a line of paracetamol as big as in the clip, and you are likely to see similar results. Also, while it is illegal, and huge profits are to be made, another Mr Big will be waiting in the wings to replace him. I personally find it hard to watch the video and blame Mr Big for her death.

Mule: I don't apportion blame here either. Not for the death. The mules are bringing the stuff through borders for cash, simple as that. They are not bringing it over with the intention to kill the end user. I say this in relation to apportioning blame for the girl’s death.

If a mule comes into Swampy or Changi airport's and there are big feck off signs everywhere that says if you bring drugs over this line then we will shoot you....Then it is that countries prerogative to shoot them. This is just a game of chance and the rules of the game are completely clear cut. Cross the line, we catch you, we can shoot you. Whilst not personally agreeing with the death penalty, there is not a mule out there who does not understand the rules of the game, and henceforth should accept the rules if they lose. I would lock the cell and throw away the key, not because of the danger of drugs, but because they knew the countries rules and were stupid enough to risk their life breaking them. Anyway this to me is a different matter. So if I was to apportion blame for the girl in the video's death, I would apportion very little to the mule.

Pusher: Same thoughts as to the mule but without the border.

Competition Organiser: Now I start blaming. What idiot thought a competition to see who could snort the largest amount of K would amount to anything less than death and destruction.

I apportion blame for the organiser for 2 distinct areas’ here. Quantity - What the hell are you putting lines like that out for. Peer Pressure - By creating a competition he is bringing peer pressure into play which for people as young as that is no small method of pushing teenagers into doing stuff as stupid as this. He gets the most blame in my thinking.

Friends and Crowd of Onlookers: Massive blame here. Surely there must have been many in the crowd who knew this was a bad bad idea. Not one of them interjected and pulled her away. Massive blame to these spineless idiots, anyone of which could have and should have saved her life.

The Snorter: Well a ton of blame has to rest here too. But teenagers are stupid, always were stupid and always will be. Apart from her friends and the onlookers, another thing that could have stopped her would have been drug education. If she knew before she went out that night that 100mg would have safely got her into the "K-hole" but 5000mg would cause her to raise her heart rate sky high and depress her breathing, it is highly unlikely she would have entered the competition.

The Government: War on drugs was lost years ago....(CIA seems to have a war on getting drug money as opposed to a war against the drugs themselves). The Govt's need to understand that kids are going to experiment with drugs whatever penalties they dish out. They need to be honest and not lie to the public like in the Leah Betts poster campaign. Once the kids realised that the Govt was lying about the dangers of E, many youth assumed they would be lying about Class A drugs too.

I apportion a chunk of blame to the govt, regarding this girls death. While keeping drugs underground, no quality control and with education campaign's that run along the lines of "just say no!!")

Most govt's around the world have ridiculous drug policies that line the pockets of Mr Big,   put bullets in the head of Mr Mule, has Mr Addict nicking your DVD player at 2 in the morning and end up with Miss Snorter on the mortuary slab.

If you put all illicit drugs on prescription or available over the counter at the pharmacy, with instructions and doses on them, would we be in a worse state drugwise than we are now?

#5 Stocky

Posted 26 August 2009 - 04:28 AM

I can't believe this poor girl fully understood exactly how much she was taking, or the likely consequences. Certainly the people setting this up, egging her on and paying out the wager, it seems to have been a bet, deserve to be behind bars.

But personally I think all drugs should be legally available. It would help remove the criminal element, ensure quality control, products can have the correct warning notices, and as a business it can be regulated and taxed. Prohibition doesn't work, all it does is provide a market for criminals; drink, drugs, prostitution, gambling should all be legal.

#6 hobbler

Posted 26 August 2009 - 05:19 AM

I'll support legalization as soon as they can do an on the spot check to verify how high someone is, the same way they do with alcohol.  Driving while high is as dangerous as drunk driving.

#7 BakedHK

Posted 26 August 2009 - 05:19 PM

ok.. that was a huge line.. even if she was doing pixie sticks.. some where in your mind you should go..  WTF ARE YOU THINKING.. if you can over come this though and go through with this .. I think that you should have died anyways.. waist of youth maybe.. but if you are that dumb, the best thing you are going to do is be spending some rich mans money or living off tax payers.

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