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Jacque Bermejo - comments on the floods trigger outrage

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#1 กำนัน

Posted 29 September 2009 - 06:23 AM

Anyone seen this story about a Filipina woman in Dubai, who made some comments on her Facebook account? She allegedly said the following about this weeks flooding in the Philippines...

buti n lng am hir in dubei!maybe so many sinners bak der!so yeah deserving wat hapend!

Now Filipino's around the world apparently want her tortured...

One of her vanity sites is here...

I wonder, now people online have dug up all manner of details about her, simply because of her comments (however distasteful), if her family in the Philippines will have to endure hateful comments? It just goes to show how commenting on the Internet can leave you open to abuse.

Here are some more details...

#2 kamikaze

Posted 29 September 2009 - 06:55 AM

I remember at the time of the Tsunami there were discussions on Buddhist forums about whether this was a case of "collective karma" (i.e. a group of people did something bad in the past as a group and are now being punished as a group) for those who died.

There will always be people who make use of religion and gain some feeling of superiority by judging others like this.

#3 Uncle Gweilo

Posted 30 September 2009 - 06:22 AM


  It just goes to show how commenting on the Internet can leave you open to abuse.

Too true. If they can trace her, they can lead the trail back to her family, and there could be a bit of a hate campaign. Depends on how vindictive Philipinos are, I suppose...

#4 dous1

Posted 12 October 2009 - 02:06 PM

It seems that this reply from Jaque B. maybe a late posting from me as I just saw the thread and have impression that it seems unanswered, unclarified till now in this forum. Hence, her reply (according to the email I also received) is below. In case I had skipped or didnt follow through some thread here which the below had already posted take it as additional refence for new members so as they would not or at least avoid a hypertension. :rolleyes:  

Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 11:05 AM
Subject: FW: Official Statement from Jacque Bermejo... please pass this to our fellow Filipinos... thanks.

Here is the official statement from Jacque Bermejo.

She is our fellow UPian, a member of the University of the Philippines Alumni Association UAE Chapter (UPAA-UAE Chapter) and she was one of the members who helped us during the Job Fair activity we organized this year.  Obviously, the Facebook postings, which were very badly written in English were not written by her, and obviously, someone who studied in UP, a place where patriotism, nationalism and activism are widely , would definitely love and be passionate about her country and countrymen and not say hateful and  thoughtless comments about what happened to the victims of Typhoon Ondoy, which include me and my family.

Please pass this email to everyone you know.  Lets clear her name and I hope we can find out the real culprit of this crime.  Thanks and God bless.

Quay Evano

"I am issuing this statement to clear my name in the current controversy in which I allegedly posted a highly insensitive and offensive message on the social networking website, Facebook, in relation to the victims of typhoon Ondoy that recently struck parts of the Philippines.

About two years ago, an anonymous source created these accounts using my identity, posting my personal details, my real pictures captioned roughly and attacking other people. Because of these incidents, I reported such abuses and sent my credentials to the administrators of such sites, particularly Facebook. I have been abused and am still being abused online in social networking websites such as Facebook, Friendster, Multiply etc.

In the early stages, I was advised by close friends to ignore the situation, saying this would simply go away. Unfortunately, it has not stopped. Hence, I filed a complaint with the Dubai Police about eight months ago hoping they could help me with my problem. Should anyone wish to check my statement, my case is still under investigation with said authorities.

Time passed and these sites continued to generate malicious, obscene and cruel messages that are widely exposed and relayed to the public under my name.

Yesterday, September 27th 2009, I received phone calls from my close friends regarding very alarming posts in the above mentioned websites that directly offended flood victims as a result of typhoon Ondoy.

These malicious statement(s) which are posted under account names Jacque or Jackie are not of my doing. It is unfortunate that such statements were maliciously attributed to me and I do sympathize and understand the adverse and somehow verbally violent reaction that has been elicited by such insensitive statements or posts. Rest assured, I have taken every legal step that can be done in this regard.

I too, have become a victim as much as those who may have lost their lives and properties to such a devastating natural calamity. This recent controversy has greatly affected my reputation, my family, and my friends. I am devastated and shocked at the extent my character, my personal information and private space have been violated.

I have a deep respect and regard for my country. I am proud to be a Filipino and would never say or do anything to harm the interest of my country or countrymen. I have also had the privilege of participating in civic-oriented activities in Dubai, particularly in trying to help my fellow countrymen seek employment during the height of mass layoffs brought about by the ongoing global financial crisis, as well as those seeking employment for the first time. Making a mockery of any unfortunate incidents befalling any of my fellow Filipinos is simply contrary to my character.  I condemn the person or persons behind these malicious acts to impute damage on my integrity and I hope that you can dig deep into your hearts and minds to truly find the truth in all these.

Jacqueline Bermejo"

#5 yohan

Posted 12 October 2009 - 04:36 PM

View PostMandrunk, on 29 September 2009 - 06:23 AM, said:

buti n lng am hir in dubei!maybe so many sinners bak der!so yeah deserving wat hapend!

It just goes to show how commenting on the Internet can leave you open to abuse.
I wonder why I missed this thread... it never came out when using 'view new contents'


This account is closed now and moderated, with reference to hacking into accounts.


Similar here too, and probably with other fake accounts too. This mess might have been created by somebody who hates her for what reason ever. It seems various moderators are reacting now to complaints.

Philippine people usually write better English than this comment above.
Even uneducated Filipinos, never in school and still minors, can write better English than in this comment. Something wrong.

I never heard about any overseas living Filipino/Filipina, making jokes about the poor or sick people in his/her native country.

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