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Criminality is a problem in Philippines

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#1 (Member banned)

Posted 22 July 2010 - 03:19 PM




MANILA, Philippines – An American Air Force retiree and four Filipinos were found shot to death Thursday inside their home north of Manila during an apparent robbery, police said.

City police chief Danilo Bautista said the bodies of Albert Mitchell, his wife, and three others were found with gunshot wounds inside Mitchell's home in a subdivision in Angeles city, near the former U.S.-run Clark Air Force Base some 80 kilometers (50 miles) northwest of Manila. The victims' faces were covered with cloth.

The other victims were two maids and an unidentified man, all Filipinos.

Any comments? What is your experience with criminality in Philippines?

I am visiting usually only Cebu, and I did not have problems so far, but I try to be away from the street past 9 PM.

It's getting rather dark, and all shopping malls and most shops are closed past 9 PM.

I always book a hotel room near the Osmena Circle, and never stay overnight in the house of my Filipina fostergirl out in Mandaue.

It seems to be OK during daytime, but there are many reports about criminality during nighttime.

#2 Thaijack

Posted 25 July 2010 - 07:22 AM

14 yearsliving in SE Asia, and most of those years spent traveling all over the P.I. except for Mindinao. I believe you have enough knowledge about criminality there. It is rampant. That said anyone who has spent time in Asia like yourself can have a great time if you watch your back . Doesn't mean you will never have problems. I have had five life-threatening episodes in the Philippines and survived them all. Some friends have not. I lived in Angeles for a while and managed two bars there. In the last couple years the police set-ups and many murders of expats made it so I would personally never go back there. Four years in Barrio Baretto and would have no qualms about returning there. Did a lot of dirt biking and had lots of friends I could relate to.Here is a short story.
   Soon after marrying my wife whom I met working in the Glorietta Mall in 1997, I decided to take her to a relatively unknown waterfall/pool. We got a bottle of wine,made some ham and cheese sandwiches and jumped on the dirt bike.Just as we were settling in to the pool and getting sandwiches out six men appeared hiding in the rocks and behind small trees. Normally, I carry a pistol while in the Philippines but this day I stupidly left it home. I had a belly bag with a built in pistol holder. Ended up putting a stick inside it for a barrel and filled it with sand and approached the scum bags. I unzipped the holster part and three of them caught on and ran. The other three held their ground but then caught on and backed away allowing us to leave. All six had bolos but no firearms. I had another wilder day but that is for another time. In the P.I. you take your chances as anywhere but the odds are if you get out and about like I do, you will have some problems. How prepared you are for them will have a great influence on your survival. If you go to Cebu a lot, hop on the fast ferry to Dumaguete and you will have a good time. I can't over emphasize keeping the smile out there where everyone can see...

#3 cobie

Posted 14 September 2010 - 01:26 PM


I married a Filipina who has lived with me in the USA for around four years. Soon thereafter, I decided to retire in The Philippines. We have been here in Cebu for the last 2 years happy together. On the one hand, I think that I was so lucky that I married a good Filipina young lady. On the other hand, there is a lack of safety and security for the foreigners in The Philippines. If the authority-in-charge is able to bring about positive preventative measures that would make the foreigners a bit safer walking the streets or going to the beach without fear of being kidnapped, then The Philippines would be a truly a Paradise Destination par excellence.   :rolleyes:

#4 leaper84

Posted 14 September 2010 - 03:10 PM

For my first 2 years of university, I studied in Manila and every day I had to pass by Quiapo. I used public transportation so it almost became a daily occurrence for me to see pickpockets and "snatchers." Once, I saw a man snatch a woman's necklace ---- he probably got away with it. My friend was held on knifepoint in broad daylight, that day he was carrying our organization's money because he was on his way to buy some supplies --- the robber let him keep a few pesos for his fare  :rolleyes:  no kidding. I had another friend who managed to get away from would-be robbers by pretending to be stupid. A robber snatched my mobile phone while I was deciding whether to brave the flood or not.... Burglars got into our Cavite house last February and took a LOT of stuff.

I can go on and on about crimes I've seen, I've heard about and stuff that's happened to me and my family. But I love my dear ol' country, crime or no crime.  ;)

#5 TizMe

Posted 14 September 2010 - 11:36 PM

I work with a Filipino whose family ran a small business in Philippines. Both his parents and 2 uncles were murdered during an armed robbery. The thieves were never arrested and their profits from the robbery was not much more than peanuts.

#6 cobie

Posted 15 September 2010 - 06:14 AM

;) Hi Leaper84,

You said," ...I can go on and on about crimes I've seen, I've heard about and stuff that's happened to me and my family. But I love my dear ol' country, crime or no crime."

Sorry to hear the troubles and hardships that you have been through because of the actions of some bandits in The Philippines. But your positive thinking and perseverance are indeed an inspiration to many who have come to know you personally or otherwise.

I salute you for your honesty: telling it like it is. It proves that you are who you say you are, and quite frankly this is commendable.

I am a westerner, living in The Philippines. I am fully aware of criminal activities that are rampant in many places here, but frankly, I believe that  there is nothing wrong with the Philippines as a place, but with some senseless coward, thieves and murderers that reside among the good citizens. It is a testimony that we live in and an imperfect world. :rolleyes:

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