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When I tell people I am living in Hong Kong, it always makes me chuckle when this question gets asked. When you know just how low the crime figures are in this city, you will understand why that is such a strange question to ask.

In reality, Hong Kong truly is one of the safest places in the World. In fact, crime is so low, it might as well be non-existent. After you've got over the odd feeling of living in a strange city during your first few weeks, you'll actually begin to 'feel safe'. The streets just don't feel menacing.

This is reflected in the crime statistics, far lower than those you would find in European or American cities and by a long way. In particular, violent crime, including muggings, are very rare indeed. Your biggest threat is from pick pockets and even then, you would have to be very unlucky indeed.

You may have seen movies from Hong Kong, containing blazing guns and violent criminal activities from triad gangs... these are just movies and have almost nothing in common with real life Hong Kong. The people of this territory are compliant with the law and generally hostile towards crime and corruption.

Hong Kong has quite a large police force and a high number of private security personnel. The Police have a very good reputation. They are efficient, polite and corruption is rare. Hong Kong offers expatriates a very high level of safety all round.

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