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Coyote Dancers

Last Updated: 2007-11-28

In recent years, Thailand has seen an explosion in the phenomenon that has become known as Coyote Dancers. Initially, large scale Bangkok discotheques saw the emergence of sexy dancing girls, many of which are University students, dancing sexily on stage of at various high points around the bars. Clothing is skimpy and tight.

The phenomenon has now spread around the country and you're now just as likely to be treated to a Coyote Girl show in a regular hotel bar or disco, where young women dance erotically, often in quite lewd poses.

It important to understand that these are not prostitutes or Bar Girls available for bar fine. Usually, the bars in which they work have a strict policy of not allowing any interaction with customers, other than dancing and encouraging the customers to buy more drinks. This is an important revenue stream for the dancing girls as they often have a quota of drinks to sell. Of course, it's likely that some girls may discretely arrange liaisons with customers.

Pay is low, in the region of 2 or 3 hundred Baht per night, however, earnings can be far higher when customers tip the girls for the dance... and the salary is boosted by commission from drinks sales. Students that slip into some sexy hot pants for a few hours dancing per week could easily earn 60,000 Baht per month or more... which is more than enough to pay for their tuition and a whole lot more.

However, when this phenomenon spilled over into more public places, such as shopping mall events and various promotional shows, the Thai Royal Family started expressing disapproval and when a motorcycle shop in the Northeast of the country hired Coyote dancers to promote itself at a Buddhist festival, it was a step too far and the Queen expressed her disapproval to the Thai Culture Ministry. This lead to a moral crusade in which the Coyote girls were banned from appearing in public places.

Thailand occasionally goes through these moral panics... but it's unlikely we'll see the end of sexy dancing girls in Thailand, of any type.

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